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a fence or boundary formed by a dense row of shrubs or low trees

of metal points from which any cavalry would flinch

regarded it as the main function of their existence to raise a

a means of protection or defense (as against financial loss)

a calculatedly noncommittal or evasive statement

to enclose or protect with or as if with a dense row of shrubs or low trees

to enclose or protect with or as if with a hedge (see

to confine so as to prevent freedom of movement or action

to protect oneself from losing or failing by a counterbalancing action

of, relating to, or designed for a hedge (see

born, living, or made alongside or as if alongside a dense row of shrubs or low trees

born, living, or made near or as if nearhedges(see


The $238-million price tag dwarfs the previous record of $137 million, which

-fund manager Barry Rosenstein reportedly paid for a home in East Hampton.

, Ken Griffins $238-Million NYC Penthouse Is the Most Expensive Home in America, 30 Jan. 2019

and formal landscaping complete the walled and gated setting.

, Tyra Banks buttons up another home sale in Pacific Palisades, 3 July 2018

trimmer or clippers encourages a shell of dense growth around the outside of the plants that blocks air.

, You may love the look of lush perennials, but too-close plants breed problems, 27 June 2018

In 2014 Continental suffered a severe blow when Mr Hamm rashly unwound its oil

in the mistaken belief that falling oil prices would swiftly bottom out.

, American shale-oil producers are on a roll, 10 May 2018

Slowly but surely, however, more hawkish elements within the Iranian political establishment would win the argument that a nuclear weapon was their only

, Trump Buys Netanyahus Bad Case for Abandoning the Iran Deal, 1 May 2018

The Yankees on Monday agreed to one-year, $5 million deal with free agent second baseman Neil Walker, their latest

against the development of prospects Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar.

, Second baseman Neil Walker, Yankees agree to one-year deal, 12 Mar. 2018

Perhaps most telling of all were the massive pink and blue balloon arches that reached high above Martins

, Dakota Johnson Denies Rumors That Shes Expecting Her First Child With Chris Martin, 8 Oct. 2018

To round out the property, the backyard holds a pool and spa bordered by

, Glee actress Naya Rivera rocks a home sale in Los Feliz, 6 July 2018

The decline in liquidity was especially notable in the futures market, where many traders place or

big bets on the expected direction of shares.

, Wall Street Struggles With the Bad Kind of Volatility, 13 Jan. 2019

Locked in a tight race for governor in the perennial swing state of Ohio, Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray are using the final stretch to

, In tight race, Ohio governor rivals hedging bets on Trump, 30 Oct. 2018

Even while depending on each other, however, countries still try to

, How this trade war could backfire in Chinas favor, 25 June 2018

Lawn mowers are particularly important to check, along with your non-motorized equipment like rakes,

, The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for Spring, 25 Feb. 2019

their risk in synthetic ways, boosting cash trades but sapping demand for derivative products that make more money for the bank.

, Goldmans M&A Bankers Shine, Traders Stumble as Malaysian Scandal Looms, 16 Jan. 2019

, also holds a swimming pool with a cascading spa, a lawn and a detached guest house.

, Joe Jonas hopes sale will be a piece of cake, 21 Aug. 2018

Democrats are rolling in cash as liberal interest groups, unions and rich liberals are fired up, while business lobbies

their bets in case Nancy Pelosi is the next Speaker.

The Saudi fund sees its investment in Tesla as a strategic way for the worlds biggest crude producer to

, Recode Daily: Why Facebook banned Alex Jones and why Twitter didnt, 13 Aug. 2018

fund managers will still get pinched, Mnuchin said.

, The Finance 202: Heres how Louise Linton could change the tax debate, 23 Aug. 2017

Press Secretary Sean Spicer abruptly resigned Friday morning after President Trump made clear his intent to hire former

fund executive Anthony Scaramucci as his next communications director.

, A President Trump Staff Shake-Up, 21 July 2017

fund industry executive Anthony Scaramucci, an advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, has been named chief strategy officer of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, a source familiar with the appointment said on Tuesday.

, Trump Ally Scaramucci Might Be Landing Post at Export-Import Bank, 28 June 2017

Once only a curiosity with strong appeal to libertarians and technologists, bitcoins supporters now include

fund managers, titans of industry and a former Treasury secretary.

, Bitcoin moves beyond mere curiosity as value skyrockets, 7 June 2017

Other island residents include: pharmaceutical billionaire Phillip Frost and his wife, Patricia;

fund operator Wayne Holden; and Latin music power couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

, Star Island mansion formerly owned by Lennar co-founder listed for $49M, 1 June 2017

fund manager James Matthews married at a church in rural England.

, An almost royal wedding: Pippa Middleton ties the knot in England, 20 May 2017

funds holding sales-tax bonds called Cofinas also sued to prevent Puerto Rico…

, Puerto Rico Creditors Sue Over Debt-Cutting Plans, 2 May 2017

fund executives and other wealthy Wall Street investment managers will be targeted by President Trumps tax overhaul, a top White House official said Sunday.

, Aide says Trump tax plan will target Wall Street carried interest deduction, 30 Apr. 2017

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before the 12th century, in the meaning defined atsense 1a

14th century, in the meaning defined attransitive sense 1

14th century, in the meaning defined atsense 1

Middle Englishhegge, from Old Englishhecg; akin to Old Englishhagahedge, hawthorn

In finance, ahedgeis a strategy intended to protect aninvestmentor portfolio against loss. It usually involves buying securities that move in the opposite direction than theassetbeing protected.

Lets assume part of yourinvestmentportfolio includes 100sharesof Company XYZ, which manufactures autos. Because the auto industry is cyclical (meaning Company XYZ usually sells more cars and is more profitable during economic booms and sells fewer cars and is less profitable during economic slumps), Company XYZ shares will probably be worth less if theeconomystarts to deteriorate. How do you protect your investment?

One way is to buy defensivestocks. These stocks might be from the food, utility, or other industries that sell products

that consumers consider basic necessities. During economic slumps, these stocks tend togainor at least hold their value. Thus, these stocks may gain when your XYZ shares lose.

Another way to hedge is to purchase aput optioncontract on the shares (this would essentially allow you to lock in a particularsaleprice on XYZ, so even if thestockcrashed, you wouldnt suffer much). You could also sell afutures contract, promising to sell your stock at a set price at a certain point in the future.

Hedgingis like buying insurance. It is protection against unforeseen events, but investors usually hope they never have to use it. Consider why almost everyone buys homeowners insurance. Because the odds of having ones house destroyed are relatively small, this may seem like a foolishinvestment. But our homes are very valuable to us and we would be devastated by their loss. Using options to hedge your portfolio essentially does the same thing. Should astockor portfolio take an unforeseen turn, holding an option opposite of your position will help to limit your losses.

Portfolio hedging is an important technique to learn. Although the calculations can be complex, most investors find that even a reasonable approximation will deliver a satisfactory hedge. Hedging is especially helpful when an investor has experienced an extended period ofgainsand feels this increase might not be sustainable in the future. Like all investment strategies, hedging requires a little planning before executing a trade. However, the security that this strategy provides could make it well worth the time and effort.

a row of shrubs or small trees that are planted close to each other in order to form a boundary

something that provides protection or defense

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