Technology Considerations for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Data-Driven Decision Making for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Should CPA Firms Be Worried about Data Breach Claims?

ICYMI Overcoming Disclosure Overload and Achieving Greater Disclosure Effectiveness

Since the issuance 14 years ago of the current audit documentation standards [now AU-C 230 and PCAOB Auditing Standard (AS) 1215, respectively], which are more

ByJeffry Haber, PhD, CPAandCaitlin Schryver

In Brief Key performance indicators (KPI), long familiar to corporate managers, are increasingly being used by financial managers at notfor-profit organizations to measure the effectiveness

ByJohn M. Eusanio, CPA, CGMAandDavid J. Rosenbaum, MBA

Not-for-profit organizations continue to face an ever-evolving and challenging landscape. Executives and audit committees must deal with concerns ranging from attracting and retaining donors and

The advantages of evidence-based decision making are clear, but there are several reasons why data-driven decision making is a relatively new concept for many notfor-profit

Driven by unceasing news reports, CPA firms are growing increasingly concerned that data breaches are increasing in both frequency and severity. With this deluge of

ISM Manufacturing PMI The most recent ISM Manufacturing Index increased 2.3% from December 2018, indicating expanding business strength fostered by stronger demand and output. The

Tax & Accounting Update is provided by Thomson Reuters and based on material published on Checkpoint, its online news and research platform. The Update is

FASB News FASB Approves Simpler Option for Reporting Some Intangible Assets of Nonprofit Hospitals As mergers and acquisitions (M&A) surge in the healthcare sector, not-for-profit

Although still in the proposal stage, there has been substantial movement by both FASB and the SEC on major issues discussed by this author in

The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) released Enterprise Risk ManagementIntegrating Strategy with Performance in September 2017 to emphasize the importance of enterprise risk

BySidney Kess, JD, LLM, CPAandMichael Kelley

For many investors in art, coins, or fine wine, their investments are their passion. The pride of ownership and the beauty they bring into the

ByNatalia Mintchik, PhD, CPAandJennifer Riley, PhD, CPA

In Brief The well-known fraud triangle framework includes three distinct componentsperceived pressures, perceived opportunities, and rationalizationsbut until recently very little was known about perpetrators rationalizations.

When I served as Commissioner of Internal Revenue from 2003 through 2007, the two fears that kept me up at night were of a botched

ByJohn F. Raspante, CPA, MST, CDFAandChristopher Basso

In Brief The current upward trend of CPA firm merger and acquisition activity shows no signs of slowing down. CPA firms and individual professionals must

FASB News Income Tax Accounting Rules May Be Simplified FASB may simplify income tax accounting rulesone of the more complex topics in financial reportingin targeted

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), in reporting on collusion in its 2018 Report to the Nations( indicates that there is a direct correlation between

ByCorey L. Rosenthal, JDandLance E. Rothenberg, JD, LLM

A New York sales tax audit can be a grueling experience. The rules are complex, and it often comes down to the records, which are

In Brief Now that FASBs new revenue recognition standard is effective, it is worth considering how well the guidance meets the goals originally set by

The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct proclaims that its members should serve the public interest, defined as the collective well-being of the community (Section 0.300.030,

FASB News Search Underway for New FASB and GASB Chairs The Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) said it has launched a search to replace FASB Chairman

In Brief At the root of over a decade of regulation and best practices is the premise that the structure and independence of a companys

ByStephanie Hairston, PhD, CPADa Wu, ABDandJi Yu, PhD, CMA

As social media has become increasingly important in the recruiting and hiring process, CPA firm leaders have become increasingly visible on professional social media platforms.

The Treasury Departments Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Form 114, the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accountscolloquially known as FBARhas become famous due to

ByCatherine R. Allen, CPAandDavid N. Mair

In Brief CPAs are charged with protecting the public from financial and corporate fraud; sometimes, that means blowing the whistle on clients or employers who

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana Public criticism of the accounting profession is intense. Users of financial statements

In Brief The commitment to serve the public interest in accounting has eroded, as personal and business relationships with clients and client management increasingly create

Revised Proposal on Income Tax Disclosure Rules Issued On March 25, FASB issued a revised proposal to amend the disclosure rules under income tax accounting

Integrated reporting is gaining acceptance around the world as a way for businesses to provide investors and other stake-holders with a more holistic approach to

Traditionally, the key parties involved in maintaining effective corporate governance have included company management, the board of directors (including the audit committee), and the external

Editors note: This month, we introduce a new column dedicated to the current state of cybersecurity and how cybercrime affects CPAs and auditors. Each installment will

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Technology Considerations for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Data-Driven Decision Making for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Should CPA Firms Be Worried about Data Breach Claims?

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