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Private Equity – Investment Funds – Brazil – 2019 Rankings

Fernando Borges, Daniel Sterenberg, Juan Carlos Felix

Amaury Bier, Arminio Fraga Neto, Luiz Henrique Fraga

Marcelo Cecchetto, Marcelo Hudik F. de Albuquerque, Fernando Marques Oliveira

Alberto Guth, Celso Quintella, Fabio Sekiguchi, Sergio Brasil

Jos Carlos Reis de Magalhães Neto, Marcelo Guimarães Lopo Lima

Guilherme Rochlitz Quintão, Manuel Maria Pulido Garcia Ferrão de Sousa

Nicolas Wollak, Fabio Maranhão, Jos Augusto de Carvalho

Tomaz Moura, Ricardo Propheta, Jos Antonio Neto

Sidney Chameh, Frederico Greve, Patrick Arippol

Here is our 2019 ranking of the best Brazilian Investment Funds in Private Equity. This ranking was created after a year-long investigation: our teams took into consideration data from multiple sources: peer and client recommendation, growth, importance of the different cases… This ranking is intended as a decision-making tool for leaders and is available online in five languages.

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