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I should note that other possibilities for me would be investment analyst at Vanguard orIBanalyst at a very small boutique.

Given your other options as an investment analyst at Vanguard orIBanalyst at a small boutique, I would recommend thePEFoFrole. I understand your apprehension of closing doors, but I believe it is the best option of the ones you listed. I worked with 2 strong analysts at myIBwho went to one of the funds you mention above… they are/were actually in the group you listed.PEFoFis a very good exit opportunity out ofIB.

Thanks! Do you think there is much of a difference in prestige/compensation between the two firms I mentioned,HarbourVestand StepStone? Im wondering if I should continue my search into other FoFs. If you dont mind me asking, did your colleague end up at StepStone, orHarbourVest?

I cant speak to that question personally, but I will say that I have a friend atHarbourVest(more in an accounting role, but still) and they really enjoy working there. I dont know much about StepStone myself so I cant be completely objective, but hope that helps a little.

I honestly dont know too much about StepStone vs.HarbourVest, but they were both atHarbourVest.

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Thanks for the responses so far! Im curious though as to how desirable this job is in comparison to Bulge Bracket or elite boutiqueIB. Also wondering what the compensation is like (i.e. for either of the two FoFs I mentioned). Thanks again

If you plan on going to business school, the FoFs role will differentiate you from the bankers and investment analysts. However, if you think youll want to go into directPEor a hedge fund longer term, the other two options would probably set you up better. I worked at aPEFoFs (on the primary side, not coinvestments) beforeMBAand felt like a lot of options were still available to me. Dont worry about compensation right out of undergrad. The differences most likely arent going to dramatically change your lifestyle. Youll probably only be at this job for 2 years. If you work until youre 65, then 2 years is less than 5% of your career; it wont define what you do with the other 95%.

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