Investors in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLClost billions of dollars in theMadoff investment scandal, aconducted byBernard Madoff. The amount missing from client accounts, over two thirds of which were fabricated gains, was almost$65 billion.The court-appointedtrusteeestimated actual losses to investors of $18 billion and some of that money has been returned.

The 162-page list of clients (without investment amount), filed inU.S. Bankruptcy CourtinManhattan, was made public on February 4, 2009.345Some of the clients profited.6Thousands of individual investors ofFairfield GreenwichJ. Ezra MerkinAscot Partners, and Chais Investments are not included.7

Several newspapers and news services, includingBloomberg News,The New York Times, andThe Wall Street Journal, compiled lists of these investors during the first few months of the scandal, including fabricated gains in the amounts lost. These lists may include double-counting; for example, they may count investments byfeeder fundsinto Madoff Securities, as well as investments made into the feeder funds.

Mortimer B. Zuckerman Charitable Remainder Trust (New York Daily Newsowners charity)

Arthur I. and Sydelle F. Meyer Charitable Foundation

Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services

Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management

Irwin Kellner (named plaintiff on first lawsuit against Madoff)

international financial services firm that managed a Ponzi scheme separate from the Madoff Ponzi scheme

Ed Blumenfeld (Long Island real estate developer)

Norman Braman(former Philadelphia Eagles owner)

Leonard Feinstein (Bed Bath & Beyond co-founder)

Avram and Carol Goldberg (Stop n Shopfounders)

members of the Hillcrest Country Club (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

INTAC Global Preservation Hedge Portfolio (via Rye Investment Management)

Henry Kaufman(former chief economist atSalomon Brothers)

Rodger Krouse(co-founder of private equity firmSun Capital Partners, Inc)

Kenneth and Jeanne Levy-Church (donors to Fair Food and JEHT foundations)

Members of the Oak Ridge Country Club (Hopkins, MN)

Optimal Investment Services (Grupo Santander)

Symphony Fund (via Pioneer Alternative Investments)

Jeff Tucker (Stone Bridge horse farm owner, Fairfield Greenwich Group founding partner)

Wunderkinder Foundation (Steven Spielbergs charity)

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List of banks, individuals, and charities who claimed losses due to Madoff, and dollar amount lost, at

List Of Entities Announcing Exposure To Madoff Investments.

People associated with the Madoff investment scandal

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