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Also found in:Financial.private equityadj.Of or relating to equity investments in companies whose stock is held by a relatively small number of owners and is not publicly traded:a private equity fund.private equitynfinanceequity in a business that is raised from private sources, as opposed to shares that can be traded publicly

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It goes back to disruption in the marketplace causes more interest, Waller said of the

Private equity eyes insurance: investments in the insurance industry are booming as investors flush with capital look for new ways to invest it

In programs where the mission is stated in financial terms, the focus is on achieving baseline rates of return on

Rediscovered, Redefined Corporate Private Equity

For starters, the pool of available equity capital has grown substantially in recent years to roughly $100 billion, according to the Federal Reserve, as pension funds and banks such as Chemical Bank, Bank of Boston, and Bank America now are joining the traditional ranks of insurance companies, buy-out firms, and wealthy individuals who use

were undertaken mainly by wealthy families, industrial corporations, and financial institutions that invested directly in issuing firms.

have some advantages over these traditional methods and can be used in combination with other sources of funds.

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