are amounts of money that areavailableto bespentespeciallymoney that is given to an organization or person for a particular purpose.

The charity raises funds for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

is an amount of money that iscollectedorsavedfor a particular purpose.

…a scholarship fund for undergraduate engineering students.

This philanthropic foundation has funded a great many public health projects.

The airport is being privately funded by a construction group.

He is possessed of an extraordinary fund of energy.

areserveof money, etc, setasidefor a certain purpose

toconvert) intolong-termdebtinterest and represented bybonds

to provide a fund for theredemptionofprincipalorpaymentof interest of

asumof money set aside for some particular purpose

the Britishnationaldebt, regarded as stock held by investors

to provide money for the payment of principal or interest on (a debt)

to put or convert into a long-term debt that bears interest

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is money from many different investorscombinedand invested in many different types of securities.

In order to sell shares, an investor generally sells the shares back to the

is money from many different investors combined and invested in many different types of securities.

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Plainly this increases thesourcesof funds available.

Hence thefeesfor investing in apassivefund are muchlower.

Webalancetheneedtoraisefunds withensuringthat the public can.

Theymustbeseizedif government funding is not to belostonce again.

This could provide funds for eachsonand sofulfilone of his.

Theproposednational funding formula increases money for schools withadditionalneeds.

No other country would set uppubliclyfunded organisations toon thebasisof.

It would mean that small investors who hadbonds in thebankwouldalongside large funds.

There has beenspeculationthat he mayropeinfunds to buy out the Mistry family.

Theysaythat thehasvirtuallycut the funding available to lenders inhalf.

Whenlookingfor a passive fundfindone with a low.

Companies canalsoraise fundsdirectlyfrom savers throughretailbonds.

It islaunchingfunds that provide analternativeway to save forretirementand beyond.

That moneywillfundsharebuybacks andacquisitions.

Addthe furtherhundredsofbillionsin sovereign wealth funds in.

They then need toresearchwhich fundsmeettheir particularrequirementsandavoidthose that do not.

Thiscomesat a time whenbanksneed torenewlargequantitiesof funding.

Theseproceedswillhelpfund theconstructionof publicfacilitiesand socialhousing.

Toperceivethis work as a subterfuge tosecurefunding for political purposes isludicrous.

The service will befreeand will be funded by the interest on the.

Thatdynamichascapturedtheimaginationofhedgefunds and otherfinancialinvestors.

So they made the funds available and ithappened.

The financialforsettingfundobjectivesandmonitoringtheperformanceof theinvestmentmanager.

Charles A. DAmbrosio & Stewart D. Hodges & Richard Brealey & Stewart Myers

Thisdependson whether you consider them to be passive funds onsteroidsoractivefunds on adiet.

But the companys debt structure made funding aon thesiteall butimpossible.

We are alsourgingthe Government to set aside funds forrepairs.

Theideawas to raise money to fund excavations in the.

Yet the court itself has not beenconsistenton howfarthe government cangoinseekingto control thespeechof organizations it funds.

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