Does anybody know where I can find a comprehensive list of New York based hedge funds? Preferably grouped by investment strategy and AUM? Many thanks.

While a comphrensive list of hedge funds does not exist,GrayPoolsoffers a strong search engine that allows you to search by geography for funds inNYC.

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Living Outside New York City to Avoid NYC City Tax

Master in Finance Profile Evaluation or get a job directly out of undergrad? Really want to get to New York!!!

Idea Generation… and Why Wall Street Sucks at It

My fool proof HF research process revealed here…

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The Path to Least Resistance: Why IB May Not Be What You Really Want

As I am spending some time on my vacation and feel bored to death (please dont judge), I wanted to share something that I think might be important to you guys. Although this thread will cause a lot of controversy, I have nevertheless decided to give in to my temptations and write a…

Do banking and PE make you a better business owner?

Hello, I will be joining a BB bank (GS/MS/JP) in London as an IBD analyst. I always had in mind moving to a PE and then proving myself there and eventually starting my own PE fund either in London or NYC. However, I have now understood that this is indeed a very difficult path. My father runs…

AMA: Food-tech / Plant-based foods VC / incubator co-founder

My Background Im a co-founder in a food-tech incubator and have been actively investing in food-tech for a year. Experience in both private equity and real estate Has worked at some of Asias top funds, including PE industry leaders Uniquely has experience in both…

Weirdest thing you have seen a Co- Worker obsessed with?

I knew this guy who was obsessed with Taylor Swift. He had 2 premium memberships to her fan club, always gets front row tickets, and Im pretty sure he has the most Taylor stuff I have ever seen. Got any co-workers who are obsessed with something thats just weird or is their…

Games of Thrones S8 E6 Series Finale Discussion [SPOILERS]

What the fuck. This episode was going so well right until Drogon left Kings Landing. He shouldve bowed down and let Jon on his back. I know this show is supposed to never go as we want it to but cmon man, missed opportunity for him to put everyone in their place. Imagine…

Can anyone explain the difference between carried interest, promote, and catch up, if there even is a difference?

Whats Your Dream Job/Title/Position or One of them

Whether you have it or not, or aspire to have it soon what is you dream job. May sound corny but I think a lot of us forget what we used to aspire to be and settle for less. A lot of people who settle dont settle because they like their job **but** because they dont…

AMA: Africa BB IB in M&A Corp Dev at a Tech Startup

Hi all, Thought id share my story, now that i have got the certified user star: My background Quite simply, I was born in east africa – and my family came to the UK when I was quite young to give a better life to me and my younger siblings. long-story short, I went through the…

When are contractions (Im, Ill, dont, etc.) approprate in emails in finance

Hey guys, Ive been wondering when it is okay to use contractions like Im, Ill, etc. in introductory or networking emails. Ill be an intern at a BB this summer and have so far mostly avoided using contractions when networking (at least initially) to…

Ive been a little confused with the second rise of crypto. I thought with the crash that people had come to the conclusion that cryptocurrencies hold no real value and are just speculative assets. Now, JP Morgan came out with a report stating that cryptos do in fact have intrinsic value….

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