Phoenix Partners Fund I, LP, which closed in March 2018, is dedicated to acquiring controlling interests in well-established companies operating in traditional industries.

Our approach is to build strong relationships with current owners and their management based on trust and alignment of interests. Our goal is to enable our companies to accelerate their growth.

ACQUIRED MARCH 2017: A family owned and operated business for over 50 years, Les Industries Bernard & Fils Lte is among the major processors and bottlers of maple syrup in the world. Its ultra-modern processing plant and state of the art equipment meet the highest standards of Tier 1 retailers in over 30 countries.

ACQUIRED IN MAY 2018: Founded in 1982, Alcor matriaux de toiture Inc. is a roofing equipment manufacturer and a distributor of roofing supplies. Alcor sells its products to professional roofers from its three locations in Montreal, Granby and Toronto.