Find out about who we are and what we strive for as a health fund.

Phoenix Health Fund is a proud member of the Members Owned Health Fund (MOHF) Brand.

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Were for Members, not for Profits.  Providing Members access to a range of affordable, high quality health insurance cover.

Phoenix Health Fund is a proud member of the Member Owned Health Fund (MOHF) Brand.

Members Owned Health Funds (MOHF) is a brand that reflects quality and a primary focus on members, rather than creating profits.  This is exactly what Phoenix Health Fund stands for too, and why we are a part of the MOHF brand:

Phoenix Health Funds members are people, not numbers or profit centres.

Phoenix Health Fund  is run primarily to benefit members, not shareholders or overseas owners.

Phoenix Health Fund is focused on giving more back and doing more for their members.

Phoenix Health Fund  delivers better service, have higher member satisfaction and loyalty, and receive fewer complaints than for-profit or overseas owned companies

Member Owned Health Funds represents the quality in Health Insurance that Australians should expect (but dont always receive)from their Health Insurer.

As Phoenix Health Fund is a Mutual not for profit Private Health Insurer, this means that the fund is structured to have our members as our number one focus. Structuring our business in this way means that we dont rip profits out of the system (like some Health Funds do) but rather reinvest earnings back into member benefits. This means an all round better deal, service and benefits for our members.

By operating as a not-for-profit Member Owned Health Fund, our primary focus is, and always will be the satisfaction of our members.

Phoenix Health Fund is confident that youll be satisfied (along with 97% of our membership in the last member satisfaction survey) with the products and service that we offer our members.