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Founded in 1992, the Phoenix Wildlife Center is a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and return to the wild of native birds, mammals, and reptiles and to the education of the public on wildlife issues.

The Phoenix Wildlife Center does not charge for its services. Our staff is all volunteer. We are entirely supported by private donations for operating expenses.

are increasingly recognized as a valuable resource to educate the public about environmental issues and stewardship

have the answers to the questions regarding caring for baby birds and mammals.

can help determine if an animal needs your help; they know the signs to look for

With cooler weather you can find our volunteers at many environmental events! We are still taking in injured birds and mammals, and some of our animals are not yet ready to be released and continue to need our help. Come visit us and support your local nature center at the same time!! If you would like to sponsor a fund-raising event at your home or workplace, contact us to schedule our visit.

Saturday Saturday September 28th Marshy Point Fall Festival

Saturday, October 5th 11-4 Oregon Ridge Nature Center

Saturday October 12th 10-4 Cromwell Valley Park

Saturday November 2nd 11-3 Eden Mill Nature Center

Saturday November 9th 10-3 Conowingo Eagle Day

Saturday December 7th Wild Birds Unlimited Timonium

Did you know that only half of the raptors born this year will make it through the first winter? This time of year we have injured and starving birds of prey. They require meticulous care and tube feedings to get them back on their feet. Want to sponsor a raptor? Go to our donate links to set up a pledge.

*Please dont drop animals off at nature centers! They are not equipped to rehab them.