assists investors, business owners and lenders of all types in providing transparency and support to their individual transaction processes. We believe it is critical that the transaction process be conducted in a detailed and thorough manner that addresses the core factors of any transaction. Our team provides transaction services ranging from preliminary initial due diligence, complete Quality of Earnings and Quality of Operations assessments, post transaction integration and sell side company preparation. Our operational expertise blended with vast industry experience and financial analysis allows Phoenix Transaction Advisory Services to deliver superior results to its clients.

conduct due diligence and provide a Quality of Earnings assessment

for a 44 year old family-owned specialty cable and cable assembly manufacturer.

Engaged by a Hedge Fund that was the senior lender of a direct mail provider to

in its efforts to determine the best possible strategies for its investment in the company.

Engaged by a prominent Private Equity Fund with a focus on distressed situations to

assist with the business due diligence on the acquisition

of an $800 million, privately held, paper distributor.

of a $350 million manufacturer and distributor of high-performance steels for aerospace and other structural applications.

Engaged by a Private Equity Fund and its senior lender to

provide a quality of earnings assessment as part of the funds diligence

in acquiring two sister steel tubing manufacturing companies based in the United States and United Kingdom.

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