Members Only Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays Noon 3pm

Whether you are climbing, or just belaying, we must have a completed waiver on file.

Also, all children under 12 need an adult belayer to hold the rope for them. There is no charge for just belaying, and all the required equipment and training is provided.

There is no additional charge for the orientation. After the orientation you are free to climb elsewhere in the gym on your own.

If you already have your own climbing gear, bring it,

Almost each month the PRG hosts a FREE mini competition (you must have a membership or pay for a day pass). Each comp is designed differently with many different formats: Flash, Redpoint, Dyno, Upsie Downsie, Anything Goes, and more.  Easy stuff, hard stuff for all ages.  Come check out the fun and learn something new to prepare you for your next sanctioned competition against your super climber heros!

4/21/18 Thrash & Dangle Fest Online registration closed.  Call or stop by.

First the bad news we dont bake birthday cakes (which is really good news if you value your inards).

The good news is that PRG is a great place for birthday parties. The price is $17 for kids under 12 years and $20 for folks 12 and up. If you have 10 or more, and schedule in advance, the price is $17 no matter what the age. All needed equipment (shoes, harness, etc) is included. For every 2 kids under 12 years old you will need to provide 1 adult to belay (hold the rope). There is no charge for the belayers.

Although we do not have a private party room we can provide a table if you want to bring in food. There are also several pizza places within a mile of the gym that will deliver, including Papa Johns, Dominos and Hungry Howies.

We get the question a lot, of course kids are welcome.  Why not get them started young to love rock climbing.Important:Kids under 18 must have a parents signature on a Phoenix Rock Gym waiver before they can climb.  Also kids under the age of 12 must have an adult holding the roping when belaying.

We are located in Aztech Court on the southeast corner of University & Dorsey (halfway between Rural & McClintock). We are in the huge building behind the Quality Inn.

Experience the vertical world of climbing as never before. Indoors at the Phoenix Rock Gym. Explore our thirty foot high walls with over 17,000 sq. ft. of climbing surface. No experience is necessary. Even if youve never touched a rope in your life we will teach you the skills needed to climb safely.

All you need is your sense of adventure! If you already have your own climbing gear, bring it, otherwise rentals are available.