Success comes from thinking differently, attracting and retaining the best people.

WHY Phoenix.Fund?

Our employees are our single most valuable asset, and we work to make an environment that will attract the best people, and give them credible reasons to stay and grow their careers with us.

The passion and talent of our people is critical to our success. Together we share a common set of values rooted in integrity, collaboration and professional excellence.


job requirements:
1. Have more than five years of management experience, and be over 28 years old, regardless of gender;
2. With working experience in the financial industry such as securities, banking, private equity, trust, and futures companies, good at business innovation and market development, those with certain customer resources are preferred;
3. The common goal of long-term development in the financial industry is preferred;
4. The remuneration is generous, and those who are interested will be interviewed.